Opinion Polling

Do you need a quick poll to track a local race for your campaign and don’t have the 5-figure budget for it? The Redd Group has solved the problem for you!

Checking the pulse of the voters in your district is essential to finding where your campaign stands in the race — helps you to allocate resources efficiently to get the campaign to victory. Our big-data, high-value polling services can be used to check the state of your race and get your campaign or organization going fast. You get quick turnaround of results with detailed cross tabulations within 24 to 48 hours.



Robocalls are a cost-effective and direct way to get your message out fast to clients or prospects.

It’s recommended that the message be recorded on an .mp3 file on your phone in a quiet place and then send it to us. We’ll professionally edit the sound file to make it sound great and then send you a test call so you can experience the call as if it was calling you. send it out when it you’re ready. When the phone campaign is complete, we will follow up with a complete report that very evening, noting the number of live pick-ups and voicemails.